Pre-ride checklist

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The big day is finally here and you are ready to ride… aren’t you?  There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at a ride or event just to realize you’ve forgotten your helmet, shoes, wattle bottles, or BIKE!  Don’t waste another minute worrying and gather your gear with this Pre-Ride Checklist!

The Night Before

  • Inflate your tires
  • Lube your chain and drive train (remember to wipe excess lube)
  • Check that your saddle bag has tools, a spare tube & CO2 + inflator
  • Lay out your clothing (wear brightly colored clothing to improve visibility)
    • Shoes
    • Socks
    • Cycling Shorts or Bibs
    • Moisture Wicking Jersey
    • Helmet
    • Gloves
    • Sunglasses
  • Pin your rider number to your jersey
  • Group your helmet, gloves, shoes and sunglasses in a bag and place next to your bike or in your car
  • Put your tire pump in your car
  • Put a towel and a change of clothes in your car
  • Add the SAG support number on your cell phone (supplied on documentation you’ll get at packet pickup)
  • Eat a sensible meal with plenty of carbohydrates and protein (think pasta) and remember to hydrate

The morning of the ride

  • Inflate your tires (or check tire pressure if you added air the night before)
  • Fill your water bottles and put them in the water bottle cages or in your car
  • Reset and attach your computer to your bike
  • Put your bike on your car rack (Or ride to the event if you are close enough. Extra Miles!)
  • Apply sunscreen. If you are fair skinned, pack some for the ride
  • Check the weather forecast. If it looks like rain, wear or pack a rain jacket
  • In your jersey pocket, put your ID, some money, keys and your phone in a plastic bag to keep them dry
  • In your jersey pocket, put the cue sheet in separate plastic bag so it won’t get smudged if it gets wet
  • In your jersey pocket, put some energy bars or gels so you have food if you get hungry before a rest stop

Remember to eat a sensible morning meal and hydrate before heading to the event.

When you get to the start location, make sure you check in with the event organizers and listen for any announcements. Use this time to stretch and warm up. Visually inspect your bike and review one more time that you have everything you’ll need for the ride.

Remember, don’t stress; the ride is fully supported. The starting area and each rest stop will have food, beverages and cue sheets. Plus, there will be first aid, mechanical support and monitoring of riders throughout the course.

Smile and enjoy your ride.